Hello, everybody.   My name is Luca and I’m from Rome, Italy.  This channel is dedicated to my greatest passion – languages.

I’ve been studying foreign languages for about 20 years and a few years ago I had a kind of “revelation”.   I’d always studied languages without giving much thought as to why the methods that I was using worked so well; I just did it.  Then I started really thinking about the process and looking for scientific information on the language learning process.

The conclusion that I reached is that languages cannot be taught; they can only be learned.  Once you realize that it totally changes your approach and you understand why the famous “language classes” have such a low success rate.

So I decided to share not only my passion for languages but also techniques for studying them, with optimism, passion, effective methods and experience.  Learning a new language takes time but it’s not difficult.  My mission is to help people understand that.   If anyone tells you that just knowing English is enough tell him “he who learns another language acquires another soul”.