Luca Lampariello

Languages cannot be taught, they can only be learned.

That’s the conclusion I’ve come to after learning foreign languages for more than 20 years  and reaching fluency in 10: Italian (my mother tongue), English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.

Luca Lampariello, Barcelona

I’m not here to show you how to hack your way through a foreign language, or give you a quick solution. If you are looking for shortcuts and effortless success, this isn’t the place for you. Here I’ll show you how to develop a solid language core, which will help you go further into a foreign language and get more out of the experience. Quality takes time and effort.

There are three popular beliefs about language learning I can debunk based on my experience:

  1. I’ve learned all of the languages listed above in Italy – a notoriously monolingual country – despite the popular belief that one has to travel abroad to learn to speak a language fluently.
  2. I’ve learned many of these languages as an adult, and I find that I am becoming a better learner as I get older. It’s simply not true that you have to be a child to learn another language, and that adults are not good learners. Many people use their age as an excuse to not make effort.
  3. I don’t spend hours a day studying languages. In fact, when I start off learning a language, I learn – not study – for only 30 minutes a day, but I do this every single day. Learning efficiently is not about hard work, but smart work. You might think I spend a lot of time with my nose in language learning books, but nothing could be further from the truth! I live life through languages, I don’t live to study them.


Once I have built a language core in a given language, I enjoy life through the use of it, and I keep improving it constantly.

To give it to you straight:

You can learn a foreign language to fluency in your home country, you can even learn as an adult, and you can learn in an efficient way while maintaining a full time job.

Most people fail to learn a foreign language to fluency because they don’t take control of the learning process. They rely on teachers and language courses to take them to fluency, but  languages cannot be taught, they can only be learned. 

Language students often aim for fluency without a clear idea of what that actually means. I however focus on developing a solid language core: the ability to put words and sounds together in order to talk to people about what interests me in a natural way.

Welcome to the Polyglot Dream.

Here I’ll share strategies to help you speak a foreign language fluently without taking a traditional language class and I’ll show you how to develop a language core.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Talent and language learning

One of the most common myths about language learning is that talent is necessary for success. You will learn that this is simply not true.

  • How to start learning a foreign language

Here I’ll give you a step by step guide which will teach you how to start learning a foreign language without taking a traditional class.

  • Making the most of people for language learning

One of the most valuable resources we have as language learners is people . Here you’ll learn how people can become a part of your foreign language learning, and in turn learn more than you ever did in your foreign language classes –  for free .

  • Emotions and language learning

Here I’ll explain why the relationship between emotions and the learning process is vital and how you can embrace emotions as a part of your own language learning.

  • Love, friendship, languages, and….the book!

In the final part of this free training I share some personal stories which would not have have happened had it not been for my study of languages. I talk about love and friendship, and I give an update about my up and coming book.

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– Luca